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Some concerns have been voiced, primarily from those who retail to the Christian market, that this film toys with dangerous plot devices.  They seem to think that it's too hard of a sell to mix Santa and Jesus, even though the vast majority of Christians do, in fact, celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ and incorporate Santa.  The supreme goal of this film since its inception has been to put each entity in its proper place in relation to the other.

Society has moved past post-modernism and into supernaturalism.  Nearly every other TV show and film deals with magic, super-powers or other unseen forces.  Christians have been ordered to take 'every thought captive to Christ' [2 Cor 10:5].  Santa provides a convenient and disarming vehicle with which to approach the topic.  As Christians, we cannot claim that 'magic' doesn't exist.  We are supernatural beings, created in the image of the ultimate supernatural Being.  The technicalities of whether or not we put a sparkle on the screen does not effect reality - much more exists than what we see, hear, feel, taste or smell.  Kids already are tuned into this reality.  But society seduces them and tells them to pursue the effect rather than the source.   Summertime Christmas is an attempt to reprioritize childrens' pursuits.

The supernatural exists and should not be denied, else the Bible turns into just one more fictional tale filled with impossible feats.  Jesus was Jesus precisely because the supernatural was manifest in, through and around Him.

If I have to begin a conversation with a child (or adult) whose frame of reference is Heros, Smallville, Yugio, Harry Potter, Twilight and Percy Jackson then I'm perfectly comfortable to start the converstaion by stating the Jesus' magic is more powerful than all the others' magic put together.  I have
accepted, not condemned, their frame of reference while inserting my own.   We now have a place from which we can start discussing matters of real importance.

Kids are wearing out their DVD players with this film.  It's not because they are seduced by the magic.  It's not because they love to see a story about the redemptive power of Jesus on a lost soul.  Its because to a child everything is magical.  The first snow, a flower blooming, even the ability to move your arms and legs, to laugh.  As adults we forget the wonder and ecitement that accompanied every discovery of youth.  And that is why kids love this film.  Because a couple of adults said, "It's okay, life is filled with wonder.  The things you suspected as magical, really are.  And at the center of it all is Jesus."